Well Person Checks

Well Person checks are run by our trained Health Care Assistant, and are offered to all our new patients and any existing patients who wish to find out how they could help themselves to stay healthy and check for any underlying problems.

The checks involve lifestyle discussions and advice about how to improve your diet, lose weight or stop smoking. We will check if you are up to date with relevant screening programmes (smears) and advise on self checks to look for the early signs of cancer in both men and women.

We may recommend some routine blood tests to check for diabetes and cholesterol levels if you are at risk for these problems. The checks are a chance to have a blood pressure and weight monitoring and discuss any lifestyle queries with a qualified health practitioner which you may not need a doctor’s appointment for. Ask at the reception to book an appointment.

Please bring a urine sample with you to these appointments.

(BP, Cholesterol, DM, diet, BMI, exercise, smears link, breast screening, alcohol and smoking)

Well person checks are carried out by our nurses and include height and weight measurements, Blood Pressure checks, lifestyle discussion etc. You are asked to bring a sample of urine with you for testing.