Non-NHS Services

Non-NHS Work and Referral Letters

Examples of Non NHS work include holiday cancellation forms/ certificates, insurance claim forms, employment or other medical examinations and the doctors will charge you a fee for this work. Please ask at the reception when you hand in such requests and the staff will be happy to inform you if a fee is payable. These fees are set by the doctor and are not negotiable with the staff and are payable at the time of collection.

Current fees are posted at the reception desk in accordance with suggested figures from official organisations including the British Medical Association.

If you would like to be referred privately to a specialist for medical care your doctor will be happy to write a referral letter after consultation with you. This service is free of charge but you will need to let your doctor know the name of the specialist they are writing to. Referral letters will usually be available in five working days for you to collect from behind the desk. It is Practice policy for you to collect these yourself, as we are unable to guarantee they will be correctly posted otherwise.

It is not usually possible for your doctor to recommend specific specialists to you for non-NHS work. You can ask your medical insurance company or the private medical hospitals for lists of available consultants working locally.

Local Private Hospitals