Breathing Tests (Spirometry)

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit breathlessness review on a regular basis please use this form.

You may be invited to come for a breathing test to measure your lung function to see if there is any damage, help to accurately diagnose your breathing disorder and monitor treatment progress.

Preparation tips to achieve more accurate results.

Things to try to avoid:

  • Preferably no smoking 24 hours before appointment
  • No alcohol 4 hours before appointment
  • No large meal within 2 hours of appointment
  • No vigorous exercise for 30 minutes prior to appointment

If any of the following affect you when you receive your appointment please contact the surgery:

  • Suffering from any uncontrolled heart problems, (e.g. frequent angina)
  • Any eye or ear infections within 4 weeks of the appointment
  • Any surgery requiring a general anaesthetic within 3 months of your appointment

When you attend for the test:

  • Wear loose or easily adjustable clothing
  • Empty your bladder before your appointment for a more relaxed and comfortable consultation