Summer Holidays: Lift the Exam Stress

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As parents and caregivers of young people, you may find yourselves in the centre of the storm this week or next: the much-anticipated, often nerve-wracking exam results week. Here at Sides, many of us are parents too, we understand how tense it can be waiting for those results to arrive. Remember not only to support your child during this crucial period but, also consider your own wellbeing.

Exam stress can significantly impact a child’s mental health, no matter what we may think about results day. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed about how best to support them. Fret not.

Free, safe and anonymous professional support is available online through live chat, messaging, self-help tools and activities. Access to the platforms below is available instantly 24/7 and better still, there are no waiting lists for support and no referral needed from your GP.

For children and young people


  • Available for children and young people aged 10 to 25
  • Visit:


  • Available for young people aged 16yrs+
  • Visit: Silvercloud

Young Minds

For adults

Living Life to the Full


There are two free programmes available to help parents and carers:

  • Supporting an Anxious Child (for parents and carers of children aged 5 to 11)
  • Supporting an Anxious Teen (for parents and carers of teenagers aged 12 to 18)
  • Visit: Silvercloud


  • Available for anyone aged 26+
  • Visit: Qwell

We wish you and your child the very best for their results. Whatever the outcome, as their number one supporter, this fortnight is about reminding them how much you love and treasure them. Their worth transcends grades and whilst life doesn’t always go to plan, they’re going to be ok and there’s always another way to get where they want to get to.