Summer Holidays: Caring for your Mental Health

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Sunshine, laughter, spending time with friends and family at social events or on holiday. While some see it as a time of relaxation and enjoyment, it’s important to remember the summer holidays can be a trying, difficult time for some people and can also affect our mental health.

As GPs, we hear this a lot from our patients. The ups and downs of the summer holidays can cause some people to feel lonely, worried or even anxious as they try to keep up with the “fun and happiness’ they see on TV or on social media. There can sometimes be peer pressure and an “expectation” to fit in, cram in more plans or spend money which we may not have.

No matter how you might feel, it’s important to look after yourself and others.

Mind your mental health this summer

Here are some things you can do to stay mentally healthy during the summer holidays:

  • Recognise the impact of mental health: Be aware that summer can bring challenges to some people’s mental health. Reading this article now means you know about this.
  • Take care of yourself: Make sure to stay active, eat well, get enough sleep, and seek support if you need it.
  • Watch out for alcohol-related problems: Summer parties can sometimes lead to more drinking, which could affect mental health. Keep an eye on yourself and others.
  • Remember support is available: If you or someone you know needs help, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Mental health support in Salford

If you’re feeling low, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed there are lots of things you can do to lift your mood.

Try taking a walk, talking to a family member or friend or doing something relaxing like reading a book or listening to music.  However, there may be times when you may need a bit of extra help.  Remember, it’s OK not to be OK.

Mental health and wellbeing support that you can refer yourself to

You can also contact our practice for support. It may be tough to begin with, but as GPs, we can refer you for counselling and other talking therapies that can really help.

And if you need mental health advice and support urgently, there is a freephone 24/7 crisis helplineavailable to people living in Salford.

It’s open all year round and available by calling 0800 953 0285. If it’s an emergency and you’re worried you can’t keep yourself safe, go to your nearest A&E or call 999 if you can’t make it to a hospital.

Nobody should feel alone during the summer holidays or any other time. A range of mental health services are available when you need them across Greater Manchester, for you and the people you care about. Please reach out if you need them.