Wart Clinic (Cryotherapy)

This is available once a month and is carried out by a fully trained member of our nursing team, Lorraine after you have first seen your doctor for assessment. Wart removal is performed by cryotherapy (freezing).

In this clinic liquid nitrogen is used to freeze your skin lesions away. The treatment for each lesion lasts about 20 seconds and is applied with a large baby bud.

A stinging sensation is caused whilst the treatment is applied and for a short while afterwards as the skin is thawing, a throbbing discomfort may occur. Immediately after the treatment the lesion will look no different. You do not need to put a dressing on it and can wash and bathe normally.

Over the following few days the treated area may become red and may blister. If a blood blister occurs please pop it with a clean needle – do not remove the overlying skin. If the area is very red and inflamed please use antiseptic cream e.g. Savlon. After about a week the treated area will scab and then a little while later the scab will drop off. It may take a few weeks for large warts which have been treated to heal up.

The treatment is not always successful and may need to be repeated. It is quite usual for large warts and verrucas to require a few treatment sessions at monthly intervals.
If the doctor has prescribed a wart removing gel this should not be used until a week after the treatment or until any blistering has settled. It is important that if you do use a wart removing gel that at least twice a week the dead surface skin is rubbed away with an emery board or pumice stone.

As there is a waiting list for this clinic, please remember to cancel your appointment if you can’t attend or if the problem has spontaneously resolved.